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John Cruckshank is an authentic stand up comedian who more often than not delivers the biggest laughs on the night. He is also a licensed electrician and runs his own business Redfern Electrical. In 2021 John premiered the first episode of his comedy series based on his business –  ‘Redfern Electrical’. 

Cruckshank’s mockumentary YouTube series Redfern Electrical has proven to be a wild success. Watched worldwide with hundreds of thousands of views, fans are taken through the hilarious day in the life of Cruckshank’s electrical company. Inspired by his authentic experiences of being an electrician with dreams of stand-up, audiences have been enthralled by the blurring the lines between fiction and reality.  

In his celebrated stand-up specials, “Weed C**t”, “Choof Merdian”, and “Quiche Sandwhich”, he easily addresses topics ranging from politics to pop culture to Aussie worksites to relationships, all infused with his wit and charm. These specials received critical acclaim and garnered a dedicated fanbase, propelling Cruckshank into the spotlight.   

Since then, he has become a fixture on the Australian comedy circuit, headlining shows at renowned venues such as The Sydney Comedy Store, selling out full runs at Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Sydney Comedy Festival, and releasing multiple specials online. Cruckshank’s live performances are a masterclass in comedic timing, as he effortlessly weaves together hilarious anecdotes and observations.   

In addition to his stand-up work, Cruckshank has made notable appearances on television, podcasts, and radio, earning praise for his quick wit and distinctive charm. He has been a guest on popular shows like “Tonightly with Tom Ballard“, where his comedic insights and playful banter have endeared him to audiences nationwide. He has a trick in a ‘Kitsch’ a professional skateboard film and also has his own production company attached to Redfern Electrical where he has written, directed and featured in things like viral Tooheys ads and even a surfing film for Drag Board Company plus much more to come. John has a hilarious cameo in the film “The Dancing Girl and The Balloon Man” which won the award for best short film at Sydney Film Festival in 2023 and has a role in the upcoming cult art feature film “French Girls” 

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